15 Amazing Dog Memorial Tattoos

One of the worst days in any dog owner’s life when their pet passes away. Some people memorialize pets who pass on by engraving their tags or wearing pet memorial jewelry. Others throw a memorial service, plant a tree, or place a remembrance garden stone in their yard.

But a growing number of grieving pet owners are choosing to remember their pet with something more permanent, like a dog memorial tattoo, which is an excellent way to keep your pet’s memory close to your heart. Read on for some of our favorite dog memorial tattoos and get inspired!

15. Sentimental Dog Memorial Tattoo

This grieving pet owner chose to remember her dog in one of his favorite places.

14. Portrait Dog Memorial Tattoo

Bring Rover’s best photo to keep his adorable face close to your heart.

13. Inspiring Dog Memorial Tattoo

Honor your loving pet with a heartwarming message.

12. Meaningful Dog Memorial Tattoo

Remember your dog with paws and a carnation, which are often used to symbolize sympathy and love.

11. Infinity Dog Memorial Tattoo

Showcase your eternal bond with a heart, paws, and the infinity symbol.

10. Classic Dog Memorial Tattoo

This evergreen design is a classic for a reason. Variations include your pet’s birthday/gotcha day and date of passing.

9. Holding Paws Dog Memorial Tattoo

Because your dog’s memory will always live on in your heart.

8. Nostalgic Dog Memorial Tattoos

“You are the honey that sweetens my life.”

7. Dream Catcher Dog Memorial Tattoo

Dream catchers hold onto the good and keep bad dreams away. A beautiful way to keep your pet’s loving memory in your dreams.

6. Large Dog Memorial Tattoo

Because love has no bounds.

5. Paw Print Dog Memorial Tattoo

Available in countless variations, this adaptable style is a meaningful way to memorialize any animal.

4. Paw Print Dog Memorial Tattoo II

This unique variation borrows from the traditional practice of casting a baby’s feet in bronze.

3. “Wings of an Angel” Dog Memorial Tattoo

An excellent way to honor your dog’s loving spirit.

Sempre means “always” in Latin, so this design shows how your dog’s memory will always live on in your heart.