A Brave Chihuahua Won’t Leave His Feline Friend Alone, He Wants Them To Be Adopted Together

The ties between the animals are difficult to understand. To be honest, we can’t understand them because of the stereotypes we as humans have made.

“Dogs and cats hate each other” is definitely one of them. But nature has funny ways of showing us that we don’t know anything.

A man walking through the Hampton Soccer Park in Hampton, Virginia, came across an unlikely pair. A small chihuahua and a black kitten were snuggling together between two portable toilets.

It wasn’t clear how they got there, where they lost or abandoned, but it was clear that they need help. He shared this pair on a local social network called Nextdoor, hoping to find the owner, and that the animals escaped or got lost. The post ultimately found its way onto the Facebook pet group, Lost & Found Pets of Hampton Roads, VA.

When Angela Davis Ward spotted the post, she and her daughter hurried to the place to help. The poor animals were scared and confused by the attention they were getting, and by the three people who were blocking their escape routes so they wouldn’t get into more danger.

The dog protected the kitten, and he would bark and growl if anybody would come near it.

While the humanitarians were trying to calm the poor animals down, Animal Control was on their way to them.

By the time A.C. appeared, the pup understood they were not in danger and officers approached the dog without a problem.

The kitten had some skin issues and they were both taken to the vet for a checkup. After the urgent issues were taken care of, some long-term problem solving needed to be done. The thing is – they couldn’t be together in Animal Control because they are a mixed pair. Also, the chances of them being adopted into the same home were pretty slim.

The animals were not claimed by the owner, or microchipped. The 2-year-old Chihuahua and 10-month-old kitten looked like they were stray or abandoned for some time.

The local rescue group Saver of Souls Pet Rescue decided to help. After their director Turkan Ertugrul, saw the post and saw that they were unclaimed still, he brought them into their rescues foster care. That way, they could remain together, and they will make sure they are adopted into the same home.

Feeling a little bit in the Halloween mood, they named the Chihuahua Gomez and the female black cat, Morticia.

Separating them could cause severe behavioral and psychological consequences.

The Kentucky Humane Society explains why organizations always try to get them adopted in pairs.

“This is always a difficult decision because paired animals tend to have a significantly longer length of stay in a shelter setting. However, separating a strongly bonded pair can lead to serious problems.”

“Bonded animals who are separated may demonstrate anxiety by pacing, whining, destructive behavior, loss of appetite, and generally shutting down and becoming non-interactive with people and other animals. They grieve the loss of their friend and sometimes cannot get out of that grief cycle.”