A Small Chihuahua Dog Sings From His Heart And Masters The Melody With A Beautiful Voice

We dog lovers raise them like our children, so they are dear to our hearts, and watching other family members interact with them in a pleasant way is nice, especially when we see grandmother and grandpa joking, playing, pampering them and sometimes things reach their spoilage, and who deserves this pampering More than our lovely dogs.

As an example of this spoiling, we will tell the story of a teacup Chihuahua tiny dog called Beanie, her grandfather composed her own song and only for her. And she loved her so much, she always tries to sing the song better than the grandfather.

In the attached video below the story, Beanie was on a short trip with her mother and her grandfather in the car. When the grandfather started singing her own song, she began to chant it too proudly loudly, and with all her heart was the joy of this honor.