Adorable Little Dog Has Mickey Mouse Ears And The Internet Is In Love

People online have fallen in love with Goma, an incredibly cute puppy with large, Mickey Mouse-like ears!

Mickey Mouse is an iconic and truly adorable character. He is the official Walt Disney mascot, and merchandise featuring him is still popular to the present day.

Since his creation, the good-looking and cheerful cartoon character has never stopped fascinating children and adults all around the world.

His super-cute ears are his most popular trait, and a Japanese puppy has become an Internet celebrity just for having ears that resemble his!

Goma, a six-year-old Papillon and Maltese mix from Japan, has over 114K followers on Instagram! Photos of the small dog with her large Mickey Mouse ears can instantly brighten up your day!

The name Goma translates to Sesame, which is absolutely cute!

After her Instagram account was recently noticed by netizens, the dog, that lives in Tokyo, Japan, was nicknamed “Mickey Mouse Dog.”