Australian Shepherd Does A Figure Eight Around Traffic Cones While Riding a Skateboard

This Australian Shepherd named Rush is one of the coolest animals that we have ever seen. If we told you what he had done here, you would think that we made it up. Thankfully, there’s a video to prove it!

The fact is, Rush can ride a skateboard. It’s like something out of a cartoon, but the video is real and it is spectacular.

It only takes him a couple of tries to nail a perfect figure eight. As you might expect, it took him a while to get the hang of it.

He spent time practicing, like in the video below, and it was all worth it in the end!

His owner, Marco Spadaccini, shared with Viral Hog that he was hesitant to ride a skateboard initially.

He said, “…he has always been terrified of moving boards, but what he can do now is impressive, not only does he show no fear but he rides the skateboard better than us. …his mastery of the skateboard is incredible, instead of legs he seems to have wheels.”

Watch Rush master the figure 8 in the video below:

The best part is that Rush’s talent doesn’t stop at the skateboard. He has a bunch of other tricks up his sleeve!

He can balance an egg on his head and in his mouth.

He can balance water players and wine.