Cat Gets Emotional While Her Owner Plays The Piano

When it comes to pets, it’s usually generalized that dogs are very affectionate and cats are aloof. While there is some truth to that, our cats can also be incredibly loving and sweet when they want to be.

Anyone who has ever owned cats knows that they have their moments of pure love.

There is one video that is so incredibly sweet to watch as it shows a cat being serenaded by her owner at the piano.

Perhaps the cutest part of the video is how the little feline seems to be completely enamored by her owner’s singing and playing, and she shows that infatuation in the sweetest way.

In the video, you can see just how into it she’s getting with plenty of cuddles and a hand on her owner’s arm the entire time.

What is perhaps the sweetest part of the video is her expression. There is no way that you can tell me that’s not just pure love in her face.

Watch the sweet video below: