Cat In Japan Walks In The Rain With A Tiny Cat-Sized Umbrella

It’s common knowledge that cats hate water, including rain. While most cats would rather curl up and sleep inside on a rainy day, one cat in Japan enjoys taking walks in any weather, thanks to his cat-sized umbrella.

Miru-Chan loves his walks outside, but he loves them most when his owner does the walking. The little feline gets carried around, sometimes with an umbrella in tow to protect him from the rain! What a prince.

To make him even more comfortable, the little cat gets to rest comfortably in the fabric pouch of his owner’s jacket.

Some people might not understand the level of pampered that Miru-Chan is, but most cat owners probably get it. The little umbrella is the perfect accessory to rainy day walks and the see-through material makes it perfect for the cat to take in the view while remaining dry.

Check out the photos of Miru-Chan from his personal Twitter account:

All cats probably wish they could be pampered as much as this cat is! Our only question is, where can we get one of those cat umbrellas?