Chihuahua Falls In Love After Waiting 9 Months To Meet His Baby Brother (VIDEO)

Pregnancy is always a long wait for families. It’s an exciting nine months that is awash with all kinds of emotions – from excitement to worry about one’s ability to live up to the task of parenthood. But it’s not just the humans in the family that experience a myriad of emotions during a period of pregnancy, it’s also the pets of the household as well. Most people will be quick to dismiss animals as having emotions and a sense of awareness,

but those of us who have pets in our home know the opposite. Our animals are quite capable of knowing what is happening when a new arrival is about to join the family. There are many stories of dogs and other pets that just “know” there is a baby growing in their owners’ bellies. I’m an only child, so I never had any siblings or got to experience that hustle and bustle of the nine months prior to a baby being born. But my parents did note that the cat they had before I was born was quite intuitive about my impending arrival and always purred and head-butted my mom’s belly while I was in there.

And there is one pup who was very patient during the entire duration of pregnancy. After the long wait, the pup was very happy about seeing the long-awaited baby. The reaction was quite adorable. The Chihuahua named Quica was finally able to get to know his little brother after all those months. Throughout the pregnancy, Quica had already been practicing his protective big brother skills by constantly standing guard whenever he was by his pregnant owner’s belly. It was as though the two were already forming a strong and unbreakable bond.