Clever Cat Opens Sliding Glass Door To Let The Dogs In

Who runs the world? I’ll give you a hint – contrary to Beyonce’s words, it’s not girls. And it’s not boys either. It’s actually cats.

Go to any home around the world where cats reside and you will see that cats are the ones running the whole show. I’ve been around cats all my life, and they definitely are far more crafty and quick-witted than we give them credit for – traits that they use to their full advantage.

Take Buster, for example. This adorable cat knows how to open doors, a skill that he uses to his full advantage. It would seem that his intelligence has made him the pack leader of the dogs in his home since they rely on his smarts to get them out of a sticky situation.

When the tiny Yorkies got themselves locked out, it is Buster who steps in and saves the day.

Impressed by her cat’s ability to open up doors, Buster’s mom whips out the camera and gets the entire thing on camera. In the video, you can see how easily he opens up the door, allowing the little Yorkies to get back inside.

Some cats are just too smart for their own good. What are your experiences with smart cats? What do you think of Buster’s door opening abilities? Can your cats do the same? Let us know!