Clever Dog Tries To Scare His Owner By Hiding At The Top Of The Stairs

Dogs are loving, loyal companions, but they can also be quite cheeky when they want to be.

There is a video that has made the rounds online that can show just how sneaky they can be when they want to be.

The pooch in question was playing around with his owner, but he proved to be quite intelligent in terms of being able to sneak up on her – not once but several times!

The video impressed many viewers as they were quite taken by his cleverness. In fact, many viewers pointed out just how smart he was to be able to switch around his position while at the top of the stairs in order to conceal himself from his unsuspecting owner.

But perhaps the cutest part of the video is how happy and pleased with himself he is afterward.

One person commented, “I love his ‘gotcha’ happy dance.”

And we could not agree more, his reactions to his sneaky capture of his owner are absolutely adorable.

Watch the cute little sneak attack in the video clip below:

What do you think? Has your dog ever tried to scare you like this? Let us know!