Dad Gets New ‘Paw’ Socks And The Cat Doesn’t Know How To React

One of the greatest blessings that we can have in life is to have a furry critter by our side. If you haven’t had the joy of having a cat in your family, it really is something you need to consider.

Of course, it isn’t always smooth sailing when we have cats, and at times, we may even see how far we can push the envelope when dealing with them. That is what Huda Majed’s dad did with her felines, and he may just have pushed that envelope too far.

It happened during quarantine when Majed’s father started shopping online. According to The Dodo, Majed shared that he would purchase all sorts of “random things,” and it wasn’t long before he was an online shopping fanatic.

In addition, Majed told The Dodo that her dad loves the cats “a lot.” He even has Patches embroidered on his pockets and his toilet bowl has cat stickers.

That is why he couldn’t resist when he saw a pair of socks that looked just like Omei’s paws. It wasn’t long before he placed the order and it arrived shortly thereafter.

Although the father thought it was funny, Majed didn’t exactly feel the same. In fact, she said that they were embarrassing, although she admitted it was a little funny.

It seems as if the cats didn’t agree.

After seeing the huge cat feet on their human father, they ran away and hid. Every time he would walk near them, they would scurry out of the room.

It wasn’t exactly the reaction that he was looking for, but he still wears the socks all the time.
Now his daughter is worried about what he may purchase next.