Dog Found Screaming On The Streets Almost Loses Everything Until Rescuer Takes Her In

When Dodo was first rescued, the small dog had been severely hit by a car and was found crawling and screaming on the streets of Athens, Greece. Her screams could be heard for miles, until she was saved by some kind people. She was taken in by Linda, an experienced foster caregiver for handicapped dogs.

However, when Linda hurt her back and was unable to care for Dodo properly, she entrusted the people who rescued Dodo to look after the special needs dog. They gave the dog to another fosterer, but things went terribly wrong.

Dodo had gone to a new foster family only to be neglected to the point of her whole rear was an open wound. Linda immediately took Dodo back and began to try and make Dodo well again.

When The Orphan Pet first met Dodo, she had already lost her one leg, and Linda was struggling to save the other, as well as her tail. “I remember the wounds, I just took a glimpse at them, while Linda was cleaning her, but I just couldn’t watch,” writes Valia Orfanidou. “A few weeks ago she was amputated, and came back happier than ever. She is still recovering, so she spends a lot of time in her crate. She is one happy dog. So happy.”

“She’s a triple amputee with a broken spine and the spirit of a winner,” says Valia and with Linda she is happy. “She rolls around like she’s the queen of the house.”

Such care and devotion is not without its challenges, yet Linda perseveres and looks after many such dogs like Dodo. “I know that Linda gets asked often why she doesn’t ‘let her go’, but letting go of a dog that is simply enjoying life so much doesn’t really make an sense. Anyway, this is Dodo’s story, and this is her life. She adores Linda, and Linda adores her back,” writes Valia. “I don’t know if she will ever have her rehomed.”

Seeing their bond, I am guessing not.

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