Dog Is Terribly Confused By One Hard Boiled Egg

“What…is that thing?!” We can only imagine what must be going through this pup’s mind.

While this Basenji’s owners were preparing their dinner, they decided to treat their pooch with a hard boiled snack. But the thing is, an egg is an ever weirder construct when it has been boiled hard. The thing seems to get a mind of its own from the scorching water, so if you place it on a flat surface at give it an ever-so-gentle nudge, it can move all sorts of places!

The humans’ instincts were correct, because the dog’s reaction to this strange oval-shaped object were as hilarious as they (and we along with them) hoped it would be. The eye-less, limb-less thing confused the pooch even further, making it jump carefully around the egg.

The poor confused Basenji isn’t sure what to do with the odd ball. Is it alive? Is it a toy? Is it an alien?

We imagine his instincts tell him it’s food, however probable past experience tells him it doesn’t taste like food, prompting one of the most confused reactions we’ve ever come across.

Just wait until it hatches, pup. You’re going to be a daddy!

Basenji are known to be curious and highly energetic dogs, which explains a little about what’s going on with this guy. His owners surely had a kick out of him as he attempts to make sense of the strange thing placed before him.