Dog-Mom Turns Closet Into Cozy A Bedroom For Her Spoiled Senior Chihuahua

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Dog-Mom Betsy Redfern of Richland, Mississippi, shares a very special bond with her 12-year-old Chihuahua, Cupid. So when it was time for her to go away to college, of course she brought Cupid with her.

But while Redfern was in class, she wanted to help Cupid feel more comfortable and at home. That’s when she thought of the genius idea to turn the spare closet in her apartment into a cozy room for Cupid. Inside Cupid’s bedroom is an adorable little four-post bed dressed with a floral comforter. Redfern’s mom designed the bed and sewed the comforter, along with a matching curtain that’s hung above the bed.

Above the curtain is a very pretty sign that reads Cupid’s name. The room also has a matching shag rug. The colors and patterns of Cupid’s room complement Redfern’s bedroom. To make the room complete, all of Cupid’s colorful clothes are hung up in it. It’s very obvious that she is one spoiled pooch!

During Christmas time, Redfern even put a little decorated Christmas tree in Cupid’s bedroom to give it some holiday cheer. Cupid absolutely loves her bedroom and now has a place where she feels relaxed and safe while her human is at class.

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