Dog Sees Mom’s Delivery Of New Books Has Arrived And Decides To Review Them Himself

Dallas is one of four dogs in his family, and while they all definitely have their part to play in the mayhem, Dallas often seems to take on the role of the ring leader.

“Out of all my dogs, Dallas is the naughtiest,” Chantelle Wallace, Dallas’ mom, told The Dodo. “But because he is the baby, he gets away with a lot!”

Dallas is a very high-spirited, energetic dog, and one of his favorite things to do is destroy things around the house, much to his parents’ dismay.

“Since we have had Dallas, we have gone through four couches, three sets of window blinds, slippers, packages, numerous toys and just overall household decor,” Wallace said.

Even though his family is very aware of his destructive habits, it’s not always possible to hide everything from him. No matter how hard they try, sometimes Dallas just gets a hold of things he shouldn’t, and always ends up making a huge mess.

One day, Wallace woke up excited to open up a package of books she’d ordered — then quickly discovered that, unfortunately, Dallas had already opened the package for her.

“My first reaction was WHY,” Wallace said.

Apparently, Dallas is quite the book critic and wasn’t a fan of what his mom ordered, so he took it upon himself to destroy every single book. He wanted to make sure his review was crystal clear.

Dallas is very aware whenever he does something he’s not supposed to do, but he still just can’t help himself, and his parents can’t help but forgive that adorable face every time.

“He has a guilty look every time he does something wrong and we don’t have the heart to punish him for long,” Wallace said. “When Dallas is in trouble, he runs away … When he runs it’s like his feet can’t go fast enough. It’s like in the cartoons where they are trying to run away and their feet are sliding.”

Despite his destruction, Dallas’ family still loves him so much, and are more than willing to put up with a little mess in exchange for that sweet face.