Dog Waits At The Gate After His Family Kicked Him Out Days Earlier

A sweet dog named Leo waited outside the gate of his family’s home for days, hoping to be let back inside. But, that day would never come.

Love Furry Friends rescue responded to a call about a dog who’d been kicked out of a home for not being aggressive enough. The dog’s owner wanted a guard dog who’d bark a lot and alert the house to potential intruders.

Their first dog, Leo, wasn’t much of a guard dog. He didn’t bark and was kind to everyone. While many people would love those traits in a dog, Leo’s family decided to abandon him and kicked him outside the fenced yard.

After a few days, the family had already replaced Leo with a new dog who was better at barking and guarding the property.

Poor Leo didn’t realize he was unwelcome at his home and sat outside the gate and waited to be let back inside.

Leo was waiting for days before the rescuers from Love Furry Friends responded to the call about him. Once they arrived, they were heartbroken to see the poor dog waiting to be let in by a family who didn’t want him.

The rescue welcomed the dog into their care and got him fixed up with plenty of love and care.

It wasn’t long before the rescue announced on their Community page that Leo had found a new home with a young woman who’d appreciate his kind, loving nature.

It’s so great to see Leo in a home that will give him the love he deserves!

Watch the video below to see his transformation: