Dog’s Begging Routine Makes Her An Internet Superstar

If there’s one thing that we know about our dogs, it’s the fact that they love food. Even dogs that tend to be picky eaters will absolutely love the right type of treat.

Dogs also love being around their owners, and the coronavirus has given them that opportunity like never before.

When you put the two of those factors together, you end up with a dog that learned something ingenious during quarantine. After posting a picture of his dog asking for dinner early on Twitter, tens of thousands of people loved it.

Tommy Vietor said the following on Twitter: “During quarantine, my dog has used a combination of intense sitting and adorable staring to bargain her dinner time down from 5 to 330. It’s now 2:50…hold the line, Tommy. Hold the line.”

When you see the dog flashing those beautiful brown eyes for the camera, it’s easy to see why dinner time was moved so readily.

A second picture was then posted just a few minutes later, and it went viral as well.

Of course, begging for food is not the only thing that this dog can do thanks to the quarantine.

In another post, he said that she also “learned that inching over and lying down on my head at around 530am is a good way to get breakfast early.”

If there’s one thing that people on Twitter love, it’s adorable dogs, so it’s easy to see why this pup has gained such a following. Many people also came on to say how their dog had learned similar methods for getting their dinner early.