Fawn Becomes Best Friends With The Family’s Cat

Contrary to popular belief that cats want nothing to do with anyone, felines can actually be quite friendly and social creatures.

Of course, they do so mostly on their terms and in their own quirky little ways. But don’t doubt for a second that they’re capable of becoming quite fond and friendly of other animals.

For example, when a little fawn, less than 48 hours old, ended up coming to a family’s home, it was the family cat, Miro, who ended up being the welcoming committee.

Even though Miro did try to strike up a friendship with the little deer, he first had to suss out the little deer. This meant a few friendly bops on the head. Oh, cats. If they hit you it means they care.

The deer was so young, it wasn’t able to respond or interact with the little kitten much. But the moment they share is still so precious!

Watch the video below:

Isn’t it absolutely adorable? What do you think of this friendship? Let us know!