How to train your Chihuahua?

It is very essential to train the Chihuahua is a very encouraging and influential manner. Chihuahua is very intelligent and it can pick very quickly whatever you teach. It always tries to please the owner. Chihuahua easily gets inspired but it is stubborn at times so it is important to deal with care and devotion.

Basic things important to training: There are some things that are very essential to consider during the training. The foremost thing is size of the puppy. Chihuahua is very small in size so train it with great care because a choke chain can easily damage the trachea if it is pulled tightly against the throat. So always use harness during walk and leash training of the puppy so it will not get harmed. Chihuahua soon gets bored with typical training because it is quite smart so gradually increase the level of training to maintain the interest in the puppy.

The Approach: It is recommended not to scold or beat the Chihuahua in training because Chihuahua is also stubborn by nature and if you act like a Drill Sergeant then it will go off track and your all effort will be ruined. Treat the puppy like a guide and train it in a very friendly manner so you will get a very positive response.

Give rewards for your puppy: Rewards play a very important role in the training. If the puppy follows your commands properly and show a good behavior then reward it. It encourages the dog to show more positive actions. After every training offer it a treat so it will perform well.

Be consistent: Training is effective if it is provided with regular schedule. Try to develop interest in the puppy in training and teach it in a repetitive manner so it will respond with a better way.