Husky Siblings Have A Hilarious Howling Contest In Viral Video

Every dog breed has its own quirks — Blueberry, my Greyhound mix, loves to zip back and forth in the yard until he collapses in a happy pile on his outdoor bed in a sunbeam.

Growing up, my family’s Blue Heeler mix loved to play hide-and-seek with us and spun circles in triumph every time she found someone’s hiding spot. Those that own Siberian Huskies know the breed has its own very famous and special habit — howling as loud as they can!

A viral video showing Siberian Husky siblings Kaiser and Kira having a howling match has been making the rounds again, one of many videos on the pair’s YouTube channel that documented their hilarious hijinks.

In the video, the duo shows off their distinct styles, with Kira (the all-white pup on the left) holding high notes and Kaiser mixing his howls with a hilariously human-sounding yelp. Clearly, both are having fun with it!

The duet, according to the video’s description, was “spontaneous,” with Kaiser starting and Kira joining in on the fun. The two-and-a-half-minute video is just long enough to go from hilarious, to slightly annoying, right back to hilarious again as the pair continues to harmonize in a completely chaotic way.

Huskies love to howl and can do so for a wide variety of reasons — from frustration to elation, excitement and bonding. It seems like both Kira and Kaiser are having a good time, so it’s safe to assume they’re just having fun.

The video gives a glimpse into the lives of Kaiser and Kira when they were just young pups more than a decade ago. Unfortunately, Kaiser passed away after a battle with lymphoma at the age of 6. Thanks to donations and the charity group Frankie’s Friends, he was able to have another 9 months with his beloved family.

Happily, these days Kira is 12 years old and continues to thrive! She has found a new home with her husky best friends Knucky and Eli — you can keep up with their adventures on their Instagram!