Kind Homeless Man Lives With 30 Stray Dogs On A Vacant Lot

You can never use wealth to measure kindness. The kindest and most compassionate men in this world are not the richest ones. Sometimes, they are even the poorest. However, being poverty-stricken doesn’t mean they can’t be kind to others.

Oleg is an amazing human being who is looking after a total of 30 stray dogs around his tent. Yes, it’s not 1 or 2, it’s 30. Oleg did have only 2 dogs there years ago, but because of uncontrolled breeding, there are now 30 of them living with him on that vacant lot. But it doesn’t stop the man from loving his four-legged friends. Despite his poor living condition, Oleg still tries hard to give the dogs everything he has.

When the Love Furry Friends hears about Oleg and spends some time visiting this wonderful man, the very first thing that comes to their mind is – what could they do to help? And indeed, thanks to the help of these enthusiastic rescuers, the life of Oleg and his dogs has been changed drastically.

Rescuers from the Love Furry Friends come back the very next days to feed the dogs and bring Oleg some food. They also help three of the youngest residents here find a forever home. It’s a little harder for adult dogs to be adopted though, but they are still trying their best to find them a loving family too.

The team also helps two dogs with serious health issues seek medical attention: Tima who is hit by a car, and Julie with an eye problem. Thanks to timely treatment, their situations are kind of optimistic and both of them will recover in no time. Look how grateful they are!

And last but not least, they decide to spay all the female dogs to prevent the birth of unwanted puppies. It could reduce the burden on Oleg’s shoulders too, even though he would always be happy with whatever the future may bring. This man is truly a hero with a golden heart.

Watch the whole rescue here:

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