Lonely Dog Gets A Kitten After Her Brother Goes Off The Preschool

There is no friend more loyal than a dog. For a pit bull named Gemma, one of the greatest days in her life was the day she became a big sister to baby Elliot. The sweet dog immediately took to the newborn as soon as he was brought home from the hospital. And as Elliot grew up, Gemma was right there by his side, never wavering.

Sadly for Gemma, the day came when Elliot had gotten too big to stay at home all day. It was time for little bro to go off to preschool. The loving pittie was quite sad to see her human brother take off for school each day. During his absence, she would just sit around the house, depressed.

That is when the family decided that she needed a friend to help her perk up. And that is how Boops the foster kitty entered her life. Gemma’s family had initially decided to foster the kitten to see how things would go. And at first, Boops was a little unsure around Gemma. But the gentle pooch seemed to like Boops a lot and she eventually won him over. Once the family saw just how close Boops and Gemma had grown they knew that they couldn’t let the little kitten go. And Boops became their foster fail.

Now, Gemma and Boops get to hang out all the time while Elliot is at school. And when he’s home, the three of them are one big happy family!

Watch the adorable video below: