Lost Dog Returns Home While TV Station Interviewing Mourning Family

A family mourning the loss of their wife and mother from brain cancer were doubly heartbroken when their dog went missing during July 4th celebrations. But their dismay turned to joy when their lost dog returned home during a television interview.

Will Rumley was speaking to Georgia’s WCTV about their heartbreak of losing their 6-year-old German Shepherd, Juno, just half a year after his wife died from brain cancer. “On the heels of that happening, now losing a family pet. He’s a member of our family. It’s heartbreaking,” Rumley said.

But while cameras recorded, Rumley caught sight of Juno at their door. “There he is! He just showed up!” Rumley exclaimed, amazed. “This is awesome…he showed up while we were talking!”

The dog ran up the porch and back to his family as if nothing had happened – unharmed and very happy to see his family again. After reuniting with the dog, Ian, Rumley’s youngest son said, “I feel like part of my heart is back in place that was once gone after he left.”

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