Loving Labrador Dad Teaches His Puppies How To Swim

Unlike cats, dogs are mostly natural swimmers who can easily get around in the water. For dogs, learning how to swim must be one of the first and most important lessons of their lives. There are only a few dog breeds that can’t swim, and luckily the labrador retriever isn’t one of them.

Here is a sweet video of a loving labrador retriever father teaching his seven puppies how to swim in a pond. No music, no subtitles, no special effects, this video is simply perfect the way it is. The proud doggo starts off by leading his pups to the pond and then heading straight into the water. He swims like a pro. This boi must be a role model!

Only two of the pups follow him though, but it doesn’t bother this patient dad. He decides to get back to the land and give them a break. The whole family has a lot of fun there together! Even though they have been playing quite freely, the sweet dad doesn’t forget to keep an eye on all of his babies. When one of them lags behind, he immediately comes back to search for the kid. Apparently their owner has nothing to worry about, this amazing father dog has everything under control.

After running around for a while, the white doggie and his copies come back to the pond again. The pooch just takes it slow this time, he plays around a little bit before coming into the water. His puppies are also much readier too, they bravely imitate their father in turn and start to cool off within a few seconds. It seems like these adorable tiny dogs all enjoy this lesson much more than they expected!

Let’s take a look at this relaxing moment:

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