Meet Bell, The Unique Cat With The Squirrel Like Tail (Gallery)

Bell isn’t your average house cat. She has a tail that resembles a squirrel’s, only fluffier.
I bet you wish you could touch it to see how soft it really is. This unique cat has a popular Instagram account and you can see why she’s gone viral.

Feast your eyes on Bell, the majestic cat

Who sports a fluffy tail like no cat we’ve ever seen

Resembles a squirrel more than a cat

Bell’s Instagram account has over 154k followers and it followers her around, as well as her other pet siblings. They are all just as adorable as each other!

I know you wish you could touch her tail just to see how soft it is

Now have a look at Bell in action (video):

Minuet cats are also known as Napoleon cats. They were called Napoleon cats due to their short stature.

Minuet cats were bred to have as few health-related problems as possible, so are therefore very healthy.