Mother Dog Begs Man To Save Her Puppies And Take Care Of Them

ShashiMourya is a YouTube channel that is dedicated to sharing dog rescue videos. It was created and run by some dog lovers from India. They have helped stray dogs since 2015.

Last year, a dog lover of ShashiMourya rescued a mother dog and her puppies from a heavy rain. Not only did he save them, he also took them home and cared for them.

This dog lived on the street near his house. When she was hungry, she often came to his house. One day, the man realized that she was worried about something, so he decided to follow her to see what happened.

She led him to a vacant land and showed him her babies. She wanted his help and wanted to find a new place to keep them safe. The man visited the babies every day to make sure they were safe and healthy.

The next week, it rained very heavily. The mama was worried about her pups, so she took the man to them. She begged him to save her babies and take care of them from the rain.

The pups were completely wet and shivering, so the man decided to take them home. The mother dog licked them to make them warm and dried. The man took the family to a dry a place to keep them warm. He gave them food and water to fill their empty stomach.

Now, the family is in safe place and is cared every day. Check out the full rescue here:

Dogs have uncanny ability of sensing a good human being. They will latch on to him to exploit his kindness. God bless the man who helped the dog and the puppy so much. Thank you for saving them.

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