Mother dog carries puppy in plastic bag

So adorable! This dog is very clever! She came up with a great idea to help get her puppy down a very busy street. There was no way she was going to let her puppy walk, she does’t want it to get lost or trampled over. Instead, she holds a plastic bag in her mouth with her puppy inside! So convenient! It looks like she is carrying a bag of groceries. Hilarious! These two are so cute!

Using a grocery bag is much cheaper than a stroller! Who knew a grocery bag was useful in carrying your puppy around? Hilarious! She was able to find something around her and make very good use out of it, so efficient! These two can get through anything, if there is a tricky road ahead of them, they will figure it out! This mother will protect her puppy no matter what, such a precious moment caught on tape.

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