Nala Is Officially The World’s Most Popular Cat

The Internet has really made life different for all of us. Perhaps one way that it made life different for more people than any other is the easy access to cat pictures and videos.

It was really a worldwide phenomenon that I think nobody saw coming, but the popularity of cats is undeniable.

Every once in a while, we hear about a feline that takes things to a greater level and that is the case with Nala.

She is a Siamese tabby mix and has her own Instagram page. Of course, there are countless cats with Instagram pages but she has managed to accumulate well over 4 million fans!

This is where things get interesting. As a result of our love of cats, the Guinness Book of World Records has added a new category, “Most Followers on Instagram for a Cat.” Nala is the new winner!

Nala lives in Los Angeles, California with her humans after she was adopted from an animal shelter. She was only five months old when she was adopted but she was so adorable that her human’s sister in Thailand thought she should have her own Instagram page.

Her human, Pokie, decided it was a good idea although she wasn’t expecting things to go in the direction they went.

As it turns out, Nala is one photogenic feline. It doesn’t matter what the subject of the photo, she is going to come out adorable.