Police Dog Is Overjoyed When He Realizes He’s Getting A Special Treat

A lot of us can relate to the feeling of working really hard all day and then REALLY needing a sweet treat (or a drink) at the end of it all — and apparently, police dogs feel the exact same way.

It was the end of a long, hot day in Fishers, Indiana, and one of the K9 handlers at the Fishers Police Department decided his furry companion deserved a special treat. The pair headed out together to Handel’s Ice Cream & Yogurt shop …

… and as soon as the lucky pup spotted the stand, he broke out into a run, so excited for his well-deserved treat.

As the excited police dog raced toward the stand, the employees saw him coming and quickly prepared a special vanilla ice cream cone just for him. They placed it on the counter as he closed in …

… and he leapt up and immediately began slurping it down as soon as he could.

The hardworking police dog was clearly delighted with his ice cream cone, and everyone around him was delighted just getting to watch him experience such joy.

All members of the police departments across the country work incredibly hard every day and deserve a break now and again — and that, of course, includes the K9 members, too.