Puppies Learn To Say Grace Before Eating

Mealtime is different for every household. Some people dig right in as soon as their food makes it to the table while others choose to say grace.

But for one family, the tradition to say grace has been passed onto the two adorable little Labrador puppies.

Instead of jumping right into their food, these adorable pups sit and wait. But more than just waiting, they seem to say their prayers too!

The adorable video shared on social media shows the two pups sitting beside their owner while she prays, and they seem to join her too.

The video was shared to Twitter by @mathur_vaishali. The caption read, “Sharing this heart-warming video of my friend teaching her pups to say their prayers before food. Me thinks both are good boys.”

It is just too cute. Once the prayers are finished, the owner gives the puppies permission to eat, and they happily accept. The video was too adorable not to be retweeted, and so many people had to share the clip.

There were also plenty of comments made on the video, like the Twitter user, @prateeksvoice, who called it extremely “beautiful,” and said that they were moved by the bond and compassion that exists between people and their pets.

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