Shameful Dog Apologizes For Almost Biting Owner

Ares was caught in the kitchen where he is not allowed. His owner tried to bring him out of the kitchen, but he refused and tried to bite her. Realizing the error of his ways, Ares tries his best to say ‘I’m sorry!’

Dog owners would agree that having your dog begging for forgiveness is one of the most adorable things ever. You just can’t say no to your four-legged friend when it looks at you with puppy-eyes. Ares the Husky is clearly filled with guilt and desperate to redeem to his owner. Watch the cutest reaction of this ashamed dog!

Footage shows owner scolding Ares for doing something bad. Apparently Ares was not allowed to go in the kitchen, so when owner found the naughty dog trespassing on forbidden property he tried to take him out, but the dog refused to move and tried to bite owner. Moments later, the guilty dog realized that he did wrong and misbehaved, so he tried his best to say ‘I am sorry’ to owner.

Watch how this loud Husky begs for owner’s forgiveness with whines and howls. Ares is sitting on kitchen’s floor, obviously ashamed and reprimanded, and engages in a long argument with owner. Or, is it an act to redeem himself following the shameful he presented?

When owner tells Ares to say that he is sorry, the dog goes vocal and produces high-pitched whines with a guilty tone. How adorable is this dog? Would you say no to that face? This adorable dog sure knows how to beg for forgiveness!