Shy And Doubtful Street Cat Revealed His Sweet Side After Being Rescued

It’s not hard to spot the odd one out among a colony of feral cats. He tends to keep his distance, he doesn’t know how to interact with other cats, but he doesn’t mind being near a human. Such cats don’t belong to the streets, they need a loving home.

Duke the tabby was wandering the streets of Brooklyn, New York when the Flatbush Cats’ founder Will Zweigart came across this luckless guy. The poor newbie clearly needed food was beaten up by some other street cats, but he was just too shy to ask for help.

Zweigart could tell it was a stray cat right away and looking at the way he shook his tail, there’s a good chance that this adult cat was unfixed. So, after helping the cat enjoy some well-deserved meals, the man set up a trap to bring Duke to a vet clinic. The process was a bit rocky, but he managed to do the job.

Duke was really comfortable even at the clinic. After getting him neutered and vaccinated, Zweigart delivered the cat straight to his foster home, where he was much happier to live in. That “gentleman” (as they called him) was a house cat after all.

However, the cat didn’t seem to trust humans easily in spite of the fact that he preferred indoor life, maybe because of some not-so-joyful experiences in his past. All Zweigart and his foster mom could do was taking it slow. They wanted to show him that they loved him and would always be there for him.

Thanks to their kindness and patience, it didn’t take long for the cat to reveal his true colors. Once the cute boy opened up his heart, he was truly sweet and loving towards humans. And when he finally settled down, it also meant he was ready for a furever home.

Watch the heartwarming rescue here:

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