Soldier had to leave stray dog behind in Iraq, but months later they finally reunite

What you need when you are away from home , in a pretty harsh environment trying to survive ?

A fluffy best friend to keep you company and lift  your spirit up on the dark times.

Ken Wyrsch got deployed on Iraq with his unit, back in 2016. He admits it was a stressful and very difficult job. However, he and his friends played with Ollie to relieve stress and take their mind off the difficulties they were facing while being there.

Ollie ,was a  stray dog  they all fell in love with , after rescuing him.

“He was like a morale booster. He was there when we left our missions, he was there when we got back,” Ken told CBS SF.

Out of all the soldiers there , Ken had the closest relationship with Ollie, when he learned that he cant take Ollie with him on U.S , after his unit was about to be disbanded Ken’s heart was broken.

“You don’t leave a friend behind. You can’t do it,”Ken said.

Even after he got home , he never gave up the idea to take Ollie back in the states, and give him a chance to have a beautiful life. So Ken decided to contact SPCA International , asking them help for Ollie, and they said YES, they started donation programs so Ollie can come to San Francisco.

Ken and Ollie’s story impressed a  lot of people , only took a  couple of months for the stray dog to start his journey for San Francisco , and unite with his soldier best friend , and when they meet Ollies affection to Ken left a lot of us teary eyed.

Now best friends are inseparable , they are enjoying the happy life forgetting every bad thing they went through.

Their friendship deserves the best.

Source : Youtube/KPIX CBS SF Bay Area