Stray Cat Makes Daily Visits To A Strangers House By Learning The Door Code

Ask anyone who has a cat in their life and they will let you know that they can do some amazing things. Perhaps you have seen it for yourself, but it’s unlikely you have seen anything quite like this.

The video is from South Korea and it shows a stray cat going into a person’s home by entering the door code and unlocking it.

According to the homeowner, the cat does it every day and sometimes, up to 20 times a day!

Along with walking into the home uninvited, the cat also picks on Thor, the family dog. In an effort to stop the feline from invading their privacy, they put a protective sheet over the locking mechanism but it has been clawed by an unknown offender.

The family says that the cat just walks in when he’s awake, at any time of the day or night.

They went on to say: “When he’s here, he won’t have to wake up when people are passing by. Just wanted to let him relax here, that’s all.”