Stubborn Dog Refuses To Obey And Comply With Owner’s Commands

A heartwarming video has emerged of a stubborn Newfoundland dog loudly complaining when owner demands him to perform doggy tricks. Watch as the spoiled pooch barks in protest while he grudgingly performs tricks for his owner. Hilarious!

This is the moment when a very stubborn Newfoundland dog is asked by his owner to perform usual dog tricks. The moment owner demands him to do something, the dog barks and whines in protest, refusing to obey and comply with the command! Have you ever seen a dog complaining to do even simple tricks?

Watch as Sebastien, a giant Newfoundland dog, argues with his owner when it comes to performing a few tricks. It actually sounds like he’s saying, “I don’t want to!”. However, he does comply with it in the end, just wants to make sure that he doesn’t do that voluntarily and that owner is making him do it against his will!

His owner must have asked him to do too many tricks, so Sebastian is now really fed-up. He throws a serious temper tantrum at owner and deeply complains the entire time. His human might want him to do some tricks, but he is not having it. It is as if the lazy pooch says “I hate these dumb tricks. Why can’t you just give me the treat, lady?”.

It is hilarious to watch Sebastien “arguing” with his owner as he reluctantly performs the tricks anyway! Hey! You can teach any dog tricks with the right techniques and a lot of patience and persistence and if you want them to learn, you have to commit to not giving up!

Training your dog is also great for bonding. Keep a good attitude, be gentle but firm, and have fun! However, this stubborn Newfoundland doesn’t enjoy his bonding time with owner and loudly complains when he’s asked by his human to perform such simple tricks as “sit”, “lie down” “roll over” and “circle”. The giant black dog eventually grudgingly succumbs to her requests, but makes it verbally clear that he’s not incredibly pleased about doing so!

Credit to ‘brenmichelle’.