Tiny Kitten Lost All Her Family Gets Rescued And Blossoms Into A Beautiful Cat

Meet Penelope, a calico kitten who lost all her family after an accident. She was rescued and fostered by Kelly Foster Kittens, a foster center in Greensboro, North Carolina. Without love of her mother and siblings, the kitten had to live and grow up alone. Thankfully, she has her foster parents who are willing to do everything they can to make her life happy.

Penelope is a playful and cute kitten. She loves drinking milk and always wants her bottle. Due to lack of a mother’s love, she loves cuddling and snuggling with her foster parents. Whenever she has a chance, she will beg them for sweet snuggles and warm hugs. And of course, no one can refuse this adorable kitten.

She also loves to play with everyone and other rescue kittens. Her best friend is a ginger kitten named Isaac. They love each other and can spend most of their time playing together. Just like other cats and kittens, she is a master of sleeping. She can fall asleep anywhere and anytime instantly. It’s so cute!

Thanks to all the care and love of people from Kelly Foster Kittens, Penelope now becomes a happy and sweet cat. The fosters also found her a forever home where she is now loved and cared by her new owners. We hope that her family will give her lots of love and attention that she deserves.

So happy she’s safe and loved!!!!! She’ll live a long, healthy and happy life! Thank you for saving this precious kitten and giving her a chance of life. God bless you all for such amazing job!

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