Touching moments when dying zoo worker received final kisses from Giraffes (VIDEO)

Whom we want around when we are on our death bed. Of course, we want the people who are our loved ones and with whom we spent the major part of our life.

Here is a moving story of a 54-year-old person known as Mario who is suffering from term

inal cancer and is left with only a few weeks to live.

There is a touching moment when a giraffe ca

me and bid farewell to the dying worker who had spent around 25 years of his life cleaning the animals’ enclosure at a Diergaarde Blijdorp zoo in Rotterdam Holland.

The maintenance worker inquired about his last wish, which was for his hospital bed to be wheeled into the giraffe enclosure so that he could see and say farewell to the animals he had loved and cared for for so many years.

A giraffe is seen approaching the man in one of the videos and giving him a tender farewell kiss.

The animals seemed to know him and sense that something was wrong.

That was quite a special moment and the man was seen happy.

Mario who was mentally disabled then asked that he wanted to say goodbye to his colleagues with whom he spent the majority of his adult life.

His last wish to meet the animals was granted by the Ambulance Wish Foundation charity.

They were the one who transported Mario to the zoo and told that Mario had very less mobility and find it very difficult to speak.

But his experience with the animals at the zoo left him beaming with the zoo and his face tells the story.

The Ambulance Wish Foundation has around 200 volunteers who help to make the last wish of terminally ill patients come true.

For this purpose, they have specially designed ambulances that can transport the patients to the places they want to visit. Various studies prove this that animal has the ability to sense illness in humans