What is shaking Chihuahua syndrome?

Shaking puppy syndrome is medically termed as hypomyelination. This diseases can be cured and you puppy will live a happy and normal life. Some puppies are normal by birth but after 1 to 2 weeks symptoms develop. Hind legs show the prominent signs of this disease. Such puppy is not able to feed to its mother because it is not able to hold the ground in the proper manner. In such case, the hand feeding will be given to the puppy.

Why shaking occur? Because of insufficient production of myelin, the substance isolates and stabilizes nerves that cause hypomyelination. Nerves gets very sensitive because of lack of myelin that causes shaking and tremor in the body. If the puppy is very active then it will shake more but if the puppy is slow then there will less shaking.

Some other causes of shaking:

Blood birth deficiencies in the vessels of the liver Immature growth of brain Low blood sugar level

Will your puppy grow out of it? It takes a year to get rid of such syndrome if it effects the central nervous system. If it effects peripheral nervous system then it is not possible to get normal after becoming fully mature. Within 5 to 7 weeks the symptoms appear in Chihuahua after the problem of peripheral nervous system. Many dogs which are effected with such issue are able to live in a normal way and they can also participate in various activities. But it is essential to know that the Chihuahua effected with such syndrome needs help in eating as it is not able to eat. The constant tremor make very difficult for the Chihuahua to drink or eat by itself. It is better to avoid breed such puppies because there are chances to pass the disease in the offspring.