When This Dog Loses His Snowball In The Snow He Goes Completely Bonkers

The most precious moment for every dog is playing with his owner. The time they spend connecting with their humans is something they look forward to with lots of excitement. Fetching the ball is their favourite pastime. Dogs love running and rolling on the ground, chasing birds and sometimes even their favourite toy – the ball.

But, when snow falls, it covers everything on the ground in white. It’s hard to tell where all the trees and streets went. You can even get lost in the high snow cover.

However, that doesn’t seem as a problem for this golden haired pooch. He saw the first snow this year and he wants to enjoy in it all day long. Fetching the ball is very funny, but only when it is a green tennis ball that he can find in the bushes or wherever it goes. The problem here is that his owner is about to throw him a snowball. It will get lost in the rest of the snow, but this cute fella doesn’t seem to know that.

He really wants to fetch the ball, even if it is a snowball. His owner throws him the ball, it falls in the snow and it disappears. Wow, magic… Where did the ball go? He starts sniffing and looking around for the ball, but not a single trace of it could be found.

He is running in circles in the snowy yard, but nope, he can’t find his ball. And he wanted to grab it really badly… Poor doggy, he got confused. It could be everywhere.

Watch this dog’s cute pursuit of his snowball. It will make your day!