Wild Deer Swarm From All Over After Woman Calls Out For Them

While the film has elicited varied reactions due to what some perceive to be meddling with wildlife rather than typical relationships, it is fascinating to observe those encounters.

The deer are obviously wild, and they are still wary of the woman, but the promise of a quick supper is enough to entice them to approach.

The couple’s home appears to be rural and situated in a mountainous region in the video. Because the video looks out over a huge span of space, you can see what appears to be a whole herd milling around before running over to investigate what’s being spread out, the deer population is also thriving.

Before the woman even leaves the home and begins calling the deer, there are already a few animals gathered nearby, clearly anticipating a meal.

The woman coaxes a deer to eat right out of the bucket she is using after portioning out small portions of food around one part of her patio.

A second deer soon follows suit before she moves on to build more food heaps in a new stretch of her pathway.By that time, there are so many deer around the home that practically all of the food piles have been claimed, and the deer are preoccupied with eating while keeping an eye on each other.