Woman Accidentally Dyes Cat Bright Yellow Trying To Clear Up Fungal Infection

When Thammapa Supamas wanted to help her cat through a nasty fungal infection, she reached for the turmeric. The plant has some pretty impressive anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties after all. Supamas thought it might even clear up the infection without a trace.

Sadly, Supamas may have overlooked one of the most superficial yet undeniably potent properties of the turmeric plant, that being it’s deep yellow stain.

Following the treatment, Supamas’ cat was dyed yellow as a banana. Yellow as a baby chick. Yellow as a, as many have suggested online, Pikachu.

Supamas had little trouble seeing the humor in the situation. She even played along, finding a photo filter that turned her cat into the colorful cartoon Pikachu.

Given the fact that Supamas was generous with her turmeric treatment, the cat may be yellow for some time. But there’s a silver lining to this fluffy yellow cloud: the cat’s fungal infection seems to be clearing up! Photos from before and after the turmeric was applied show a previously bare spot of skin replaced with a new coat of healthy, yet yellow, fur.

It’s worth noting that this home remedy, though it seems to have been effective in this case, is not recommended for all cats. If you are concerned that your pet may potentially have a fungal infection, first consult your veterinarian for an expert opinion. At least, you will save your furry friend from the embarrassment of stepping out in chartreuse for the foreseeable future.