Woman Crochets Tiny Sweaters For Her Cat To Help With Its Anxiety

Cats are adorable creatures. The only thing that could possibly make them cuter is a sweater.

While most cats won’t necessarily allow themselves to be dressed up, this one particular cat is totally fine with it.

One cat, Voxel, seems pretty fond of his sweaters. As his owner, Reddit user Aelle1209 shared, Voxel is an adorable little feline who loves to wear his sweaters with pride.

But it’s not just about looking good, apparently, since these sweaters help to ease Voxel’s anxiety. Aelle1209 figured this out after a particularly cold day, and she’s been crocheting him sweaters ever since.

As she shared, she noticed that when it was cold he would take to hiding beneath the laundry. Feeling sorry for her beloved kitty, she decided to make him a little sweater to wear.

According to Laughing Squid, Aelle1209 stated, “But to my surprise as soon as I put the sweater on him he started purring and fell asleep.”

That is when she noticed that the sweater seemed to be having a more positive effect on Voxel.

She further explained, according to the outlet, “We noticed pretty quickly that he seemed much calmer with his sweater on, so we started putting the sweater on him whenever he seemed distressed or hyperactive. It worked every single time–he’d immediately calm down.”

The sweater proved to be such a hit with the feline that he began to personally request that he be given his sweater, often pestering her until she let him wear one of his sweaters.

How cute is that?

Does your cat like wearing sweaters in the wintertime? Let us know!