Woman Finishes Marathon Carrying Puppy She Rescued Along The Way

Khemjira Klongsanun is a running enthusiast who particularly enjoys running and takes part in her fair share of competitions.

In one her recent marathons, she showed she wasn’t just a good athlete, but is also a really good person with a big heart!

Meet Khemjira Klongsanun from Bangkok, Thailand.

One day while she was running in a local marathon, something caught her eye, a puppy looking lost at the side of the road made her stop and forget about the competition.

Rather than continuing on her way, she put her race on hold, scooped up the helpless puppy into her arms and continued the race.

She saved a stray pup who was stranded at the side of the road during a 26-mile marathon.

Instead of leaving her with audience members, she chose to run with the puppy all the way to the finish line.

They got lots of cheers from the fans

Aren’t they an adorable pair

She was safe and in good hands, and they forged a bond in that time.

After the race, they made a quick visit to where the pup was found to see if her siblings or mother were around, but they weren’t.

So Khemjira decided to adopt the sweet stray and gave her a forever home!

Khemjira named the pup Nom Chom and decided to adopt her. Look at Nom Chom getting that much-needed beauty rest!

After a quick check-up at the vet, she introduced Nong Chom to her new siblings.

Here’s another picture of Nom Chom looking all comfortable and well taken care of in the comforts of a lovely home.

Just look at those adorable onesies!

And here’s Nom Chom again, getting comfortable with one of her new siblings.