Woman Risks Her Omn Life To Save Her Drowning Dog

Often a dog’s enthusiasm can be far greater than their abilities. Most of the time that means miscalculated leaps and faces stuck in too-small holes. But taking on an aggressive ocean can be a dangerous feat for a little dog. Even a human can’t safely manage strong waves during a storm.

One human went for it anyway. In 2017, a woman ran directly into hostile waters to save her floundering dog, and the whole thing got caught on camera. The poor struggling pup jumped off the Brighton Palace Pier in England and instantly found itself in trouble, writes iheartdogs.com

The waves were so strong, the first one completely washed over the woman and knocked her down as she ran towards her dog. It sent both the woman and dog back up towards the shore several feet. The woman was able to find her footing a bit, so she stood. The pup tried its best to swim towards her too.

Eventually, the distance between them became small enough that the woman could reach out and grab the dog. She squeezed it tightly as another large wave knocked them back.

By this point, another person ran over to grab the dog and take it out of the ocean. The dog had a rough go of it, but emerged from its ordeal okay.

If its person didn’t have the guts to do what she did, who knows what might have happened to that dog. She must really love her baby!

You can watch the incredible rescue below: