Zoo Staff Refuse To Save Drowning Chimp, Suddenly Man Jumps Into Enclosure

The Detroit Zoo chimpanzee exhibit one was surrounded with spectators on all sides, when a playful chase suddenly took place between two chimps and one of them slipped into the muddy moat surrounding the exhibit.

Different from us humans the body of these animals are not designed into having the natural buoyancy in water.

So the life of that chimp was in danger and he started drowning soon.

The zoo staff were scared to approach the animal and help him since they feared the aggressive tendencies of the territorial chimps in the colony.

But Rick Swope, a man that happened to be there by chance, couldn’t help himself at the pitiful sight of the struggling chimp, so he took action and instinctively crossed the enclosure and went into the moat but the murky water made it impossible for him to find the chimp.

The excited crowd started cheering Rick and guided him through the water to reach the chimp in need, he located the animal and brought him out to safety.

The chimp family was so grateful for the man and left him unharmed.

These selfless acts of kindness are a true inspiration.